Out Comes WOMAN

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Out Comes Woman

by Honeybird

"Listening to Monique Mizrahi [Honeybird] you are shaken to the very core of your being" -The World Music Report

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HONEYBIRD (multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Monique Mizrahi) has honed her instinct for finding sweetness in unexpected places, like her winged namesake. From her California roots and early love of punk, coming into her creative own in Rome, Italy and now Brooklyn, Honeybird has chased more powerful engagement with her identity--as an artist, as someone bisexual and cross-cultural--and deeper engagement with the world’s music.


Monique plays Aquila Corde charango strings. (link)


MONIQUE MIZRAHI is connected to the Moon. She is a bassist, charango-player (South American 10-string instrument), singer-songwriter, educator and LGBT advocate. As Honeybird she has performed throughout Europe and in May 2015 released an album Out Comes Woman chronicling her coming out experience. On March 5th, 2016 she will perform at the Brooklyn Art Museum and later that month will embark on an Italian tour with her trio Honeybird & the Monas*. She performs in assisted living facilities throughout the 5 boroughs and teaches charango.


Recepient of the steve ben israel commission, on Jan 29 at BRIC!


*Honeybird & the Monas* 

A bassist songwriter in Brooklyn (Monique), a jazz drummer in Berlin (Gioele), and an electro-pop genie in Italy (Gigi). Put them together and out comes Honeybird & The Monas. In the Veneto dialect, "Mona" means vagina; the music encompasses the divine feminine, present in all women and men. The connection with the moon, with the mona. Gioele Pagliaccia is an active drummer seeped in funk and jazz, plays with many including Joe Lally. Gigi Funcis is a multi-instrumentalist, keyboardist and master at remixes, samples and beats.