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Monique Mizrahi is an accomplished vocalist, with a fabulous three octave voice, which she can use to soar like an elegant bird and swoop down like a denizen of a forbidden place. She makes the same kind of magic happen with her charango where her playing is at once rocking in an Afro-Caribbean manner, while recalling the mystique of a western European lute. Just like her vocals, Monique Mizrahi’s instrumental prowess is one of a kind. Lines dart and swerve in their own illusive manner. She lopes and darts like a deer gone mad with the smell of rain. And yet, through all of this Ms. Mizrahi is as elegant and melismatic as a diva in a concert hall.

May 23, 2015, World Music Report


Brooklyn, coming out and women empowerment: an interview with Honeybird      -  April 2016

Di Bisessualità, Charango e Vagine: intervista a Monique Mizrahi           - Collettivo Starfish  April 2016

365 shows, 1 year 

#outcomeswoman 365 shows, one per day, 4/20/2015 - 4/20/2016